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Tone Haugen-Cogburn

Tone was born in Norway, but moved to the US in 1987. She has lived in the U.S. for 35 years, most of that time in Maryville, TN. This has been a wonderful place to also find inspiration for quilts, both traditional and contemporary. Tone loves to experiment with new techniques in surface design, as there are so many new directions in quilting today. She started quilting in 1987, and has embraced all kinds of quilting, from the traditional to the experimental. She is inspired by the people and places she visits on her travels back to Norway and to other countries. Architectural studies have had a great influence on her quilts, which are often pictorial in nature. Her quilts have been exhibited in countries including Norway, Denmark, England, France and Japan as well as in national shows like AQS in Paducah, Knoxville and Nashville, and International Quilt Festival in Houston. A big part of her inspiration comes from other quilters she meets as a teacher--whether in the U.S. or teaching abroad. Tone finished a 3-year study on experimental patchwork and quilting through City & Guilds in England, and she continues to pursue more challenging adventures. Surface design has endless opportunities to be added to fabric art at any level.

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