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Retreat Week at a Glance

Updated 1/22/2024

This is the Retreat Itinerary for 2024.  Updated as changes occur.  Menu Posted Approximately April 1st.

2023 Menu

What will we do all week, and where will we be?

Find where you're sleeping, where you're sewing, and where you're socializing!


This is our 'Travel and Get There' Day.   Get into camp between 3pm and 5pm.  Stop at the Office building (first building on the right as soon as you cross the bridge).  There you will get your name tag and your Show and Tell time and your free goodies!  If appropriate, sign in and get your room keys, building and room assignments, and unpack.  Even tset up your sewing things on your table and start sewing!  Settle in and say hi to all your buddies from the past or make new friends with the neighbors for the week!  What do you pack?  Comfortable clothes and shoes - layers for the weather forecast and meant for a bit of walking so you can get some refreshing country air!  Sewing supplies for your to-do list.  Anything you may want to be comfortable for the week.  Snacks, including alcoholic beverages, are permitted on the grounds, but cooking is NOT permitted. 

Returning this year is the Quilters' Garage Sale.  Tables will be provided in the new Assembly Hall, for free and discount priced items, so we hope you remembered to include those items when you packed for camp!  Envelopes will be available for payments to sellers.  To sell, simply put your name on the envelope and the price, and place with the item.  When purchased, buyer can turn in the envelope to Linda or Mary and we will hand them out at assemblies in the evening.

Dinner at the Dining Hall at 5pm

Assembly in the Assembly Hall at 7pm

Join us for an evening get-together.  A little Show and Tell, and a lot of seeing who made the trip.  Introductions and special prizes will make this a time to remember.


Raffle Quilts are encouraged to be shown and hung on Sunday for ticket sales.   

The Chapel will be open each day during lunch hours for quiet prayer and reflection.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Breakfast in the Dining Hall starts at 7:30am


Lunch is at Noon

Dinner at the Dining Hall at 5pm

Assembly at the Assembly Hall at 7pm

There will be a bit of Show and Tell, and maybe a few announcements but lots of time to visit!

Free time is the way we roll at retreat!  You are on your own schedule, coming and going - and sewing -as you please!


Breakfast in the Dining Hall starts at 7:30pm


Lunch is Noon

Dinner at the Dining Hall at 5pm

Assembly at the Assembly Hall at 7pm  

Tonight we Show what we have accomplished all week!  Join us!


Breakfast in the Dining Hall starts at 7:30am  


Following the good-bye's, we pack up and head for home.  Check-out is officially 11am.   Don't forget to drop the keys off on your way out!  


Thank you for attending and supporting our yearly gathering and learning!  Please be safe until we see you next year!

New this year! 


On the way out of town, stop in at a Quilt Show!  Jackson County Community Educational Outreach Service is holding the 48th Annual Quilt Show and Sale.  The Theme this year is 'Out of the Blue'.  Held Friday, October 13 (9am-5pm) and Saturday, October 14 (9am-3pm) at the Epworth United Methodist Church, 299 Church Street, Ripley, WV.  Admission is $4/day or $7 for both days.  

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