Fall 2020 Registration

Due to recent changes around the world and at home, we are moving forward with great anticipation to Fall Quilt Camp at Cedar Lakes.  We are registering you without payment at this time.  You will be billed for the balance due in August, with payment required by September 1st to hold your place.  As always, our early students help determine the classes that will be carried forward, and the classes that will be cancelled.  Any balances not paid by September 1st will forfeit their class seat and will have to re-register to attend.

Registration is open May 6th, at 8am! 

Click HERE to see the class pages!

There is something for everyone!


You can register two ways - On-line OR via USPS mail.

 ALL CONFIRMATIONs will be via email.


On-line Registration:

This process consists of just three steps:


1) Click HERE to enter the On-line Registration system. Choose to register by using the Register Now button.  


2) On the next page, scroll down and change the number of tickets to 1 (from 0) and press the Checkout button.


3) The third page is the Form page. Fill it out – carefully!  Enter your last name, first name, address and phone first.  Choose your class choices from the checkbox listing of class numbers, choosing all of your first choices.  Your second and third choices are indicated on the second set of checkboxes, and will be used in case first choices are not available.  Note the friends you want to stay in class with, and feel free to write any notes to the Director.    Lots of Scrolling Down again!  Press the Register Button when complete.


USPS Mail Registration:

This process consists of two steps:  Please note that email is mandatory for confirmations.


1) Print and fill out the Registration by Mail Packet. 

2) Mail it in to the address on the form.



All Housing registrations must be done via the USPS mail.  Use the form button below to print their form.  Fill it out completely and mail it directly to Cedar Lakes Conference Center, 82 FFA Drive, Ripley, WV, 25271.  Questions?  Call them at 304-372-7860. 

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