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Teaching Prospectus
Fall 2024

Quilt Camp Dates:  Sunday October 6 – Friday October 11, 2024

Location:  Cedar Lakes Conference Center, 82 FFA Drive, Ripley, WV


Thank you for your interest in teaching quilting workshops at Quilt Camp at Cedar Lakes.  We appreciate talented and enthusiastic teachers and have prepared the following information for your consideration.


Quilt Camp at Cedar Lakes presents teachers and students alike with a relaxing and fun atmosphere to learn new techniques and accomplish rewarding hours of quiltmaking fun!  As a teacher, you will set the mood of the classroom, and ultimately insure the successful happiness of your students.  Class is in session for 6 hours each day – from 9a to noon, and from 1:30p to 4:30p.  Workshops are either 2 days long or 4 days long, depending on the complexity of the project or technique being offered.


Workshop complexity is noted with the following scale;

      1    Teaches basic use of a sewing machine, iron, and rotary tools, as well as proper thread tension, stitch size, and seam allowance consistency, appropriate for true beginners.  Plan to teach all fundamentals.

      2    Students should be aware of and have worked on projects using techniques listed in the above level 1 description. 

      3    Includes advanced techniques addressed in class project, including but not limited to 'Y’ seams, partial seams, hidden seams, and/or complex construction techniques.


Quilt Studios and Open Sew time:

We are excited to offer the Quilt Camp Super Studio!  No other studios will be accepted for proposal.

Additional Teaching Responsibilities

In addition to duties in the classroom, you are asked to attend the evening assemblies on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Thursday evening assembly includes a review of the workshops, where the teacher would be required to take the microphone and speak briefly of the week’s experiences.


You are responsible for your own housing and food arrangements. Teachers are required to stay ‘On Campus’.  A special ‘Teacher’ housing form will be emailed to you prior to open registration so that you may have time to choose your lodging before the general camp population.

Proposal Checklist

These are the deadlines to the Class Proposal process. Please send all files as attachments to You may use your own forms if you have them or you may use the Quilt Camp Proposal System on the website. It can be accessed using the button below, the password is Ripley (capital R). Accepted file formats are .PDF or .DOC, and photos must be .JPGs.


By March 1, send complete contact information with the names of the workshops you are proposing. Indicate whether they are 2 day classes or 4 day classes. Contact information must include an email address that you check regularly, and a cell phone number that you use regularly.


By March 15, complete the online submission form, or email your own completed form for each workshop you are proposing.

   • Please ensure that the pattern/book will be available by August before you submit a workshop that requires it and that you have copyright permission to copy it if that is part of your lesson plan.

   • This is your chance to sell your class! Take care in choosing your description, use complete sentences, and make it sound fun!

   • Send multiple pictures for each workshop to help the class look enticing.  MINIMUM 3 PLEASE!

   • When listing your supplies, make sure to be thorough, and note complete costs of additional items needed like tools, kits, or copies. Be clear whether you will supply the needed items or if they need to purchase them before camp.

   • Indicate skill level and techniques. Be sure to hit the submit button when using the online system!


By April 1, Linda will have contacted you regarding your proposal(s) and what, if anything, you need to provide further for the website. Please communicate any additional information or special needs for classroom assignments as they occur to you.


During the rest of April, please be available for proofreading the class webpages and supply lists as they get loaded. If you have travel plans, please apprise Linda of your availability. The website information will go live on May 1.  Online registration opens June 1, 2024  and continues until September 1, 2024.

Teaching Contract for Quilt Camp at Cedar Lakes, October 6-11, 2024

Quilt Camp at Cedar Lakes 2024 Schedule

   • Sunday, October 6

      ♦ Check-in begins at 1:00p

     • Workshops – Monday through Thursday

      ♦ Workshops begin each day at 9:00a

      ♦ Lunch break is from noon to 1:30p

      ♦ Workshops finish at 4:30p

   • Assemblies will be held at 6:30p in the Assembly Hall on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Please plan to be present for all of them. At any time during an assembly, you may present new ideas to campers for the next year’s camp.

  ♦ MANDATORY Teachers’ meeting, Assembly Hall Sunday Evening following Assembly.

Workshop Salary

   • Payments will be made at the teachers’ meeting on Sunday. You must submit a completed W9 to receive your paycheck!

   • Two Day Workshop - $720, Four Day Workshop - $1440, 2 Two Day Workshops - $1490.​

   • Studio Proctor - $335/day (by invitation only).​



   • If the enrollment for a workshop is below 10, it may be cancelled. Every attempt will be made to notify you of cancellations by mid July.

   • If your workshops are cancelled, you will be invited to participate, as a student, in any available workshop. The registration fee and workshop fees will be waived.  Additionally, you may be invited to participate as a proctor in the Super Studio, for which you are paid $335/day.



   • This agreement to teach does not imply, promise, or remotely guarantee participation in the Vendor’s Mall. Vending at the Vendor’s Mall will be handled by a separate agreement directly related to such.

   • Vending in the classroom: you may vend only supplies, books, or patterns that are directly related to and used within your specific class project. You will be required to notify a Director prior to camp if you plan to vend in the classroom.


Please submit your workshop proposal for our consideration!  Your submission will suffice as a contract until classes are assured of running, and then a contract will be mailed to you for a signature. 

You are welcome to send your class names, pictures, descriptions, etc., in whatever format you have organized them into, however:  all files must be .doc or .pdf and all photos must be .jpg format.  If you need assistance with those formats, please contact Mary or Linda as soon as possible!  Remember to indicate the class level of difficulty on the proposal information.  If you would prefer to fill in our form, use the button below for our on-line submission page.  Pictures must be emailed.

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