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Stars in the Cabin

KC Howell

Level 2 – Students should be aware of and have worked on projects using techniques listed in level 1 description.

Create some stars and tuck them in a Log Cabin. Triangles on the corners combine with cornerstones to create a secondary design running diagonally on your quilt. This quilt uses just three colors. How about red, white and blue for a patriotic quilt, or blues and purples for a serene, soothing quilt, or go bright for the summer.

This project uses 3 Creative Grids rulers to aid in speed and accuracy in piecing - Ultimate Flying Goose Tool, Log Cabin (8 inch) Trim Tool and Folded Corner Clipper XL Tool.

Pattern - Stars in the Cabin, Cut Loose Press $3.99

Rulers - Ult. Flying Goose, CGRDH4, $27.99

Log Cabin Trim Tool, CGRJAW1, $25.99

Folded Corner Clipper XL, CGRFCCXL, $26.49

Stars in the Cabin
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