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Colorful Kaleidoscope

Cathy Parker

Level 2 – Students should be aware of and have worked on projects using techniques listed in level 1 description.

Even though kaleidoscope quilts can be quick to make up, they can provide a great opportunity to get creative. Quilts can be made as scrappy or as planned as you like. We will learn about contrast to make your quilt pop. Here are some examples -
Fabric requirements vary with the size of quilt you would like to make. This isn’t intended to be a “stack and whack” class but I will show techniques to make interesting blocks from striped or interesting prints.
With fabric requirements listed, you should have plenty to make at least 56" x 64" (not including borders).
Teaching points:
• Using contrast to enhance your quilt design
• Cutting and Pressing tips
• Perfecting that ¼” seam allowance
• Chain Piecing

No Additional Class Fee

Colorful Kaleidoscope
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