Noella Kalal

Noella’s first attempt at quilting was about 30 years ago. After a 10 minute demo at a Hancock Fabric store, she felt the need to make a queen size quilt (don’t ask her why). She did finish it and still has it. As the family needs increased, she put quilting to the side but did continue to sew for the family.

Noella purchased a new machine in 1998 and took a class offered on a small quilted project which regenerated her quilting desire.

She joined a quilting guild, found a whole new world of quilting out there and discovered that quilters are wonderful people (aren’t we blessed).

After searching for good quilt fabrics in vain in the greater Cleveland area, Noella realized that the neighborhood needed a fabric shop. With the support and help of her husband, John, she opened the Quilter’s Source Quilt shop in Parma, Ohio in 2007. She teaches at the shop, for guilds, and at North East Ohio Regional Quilt Council.

Noella has taught and vended at The Quilt Camp for many years and she truly enjoys the experience – a assertion with which John agrees. While claiming to not be an expert, she is willing to share whatever knowledge she has, knowing that she will also learn from any one she meets - be it a teacher or student.