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Mary Null

Mary is the daughter of a very talented sewist, she grew up playing under her mother’s sewing table. Mary’s deep-seated love for fabric, patterns, and color helped carve her path as a graphic designer. Mary enjoyed her career in printing as a graphic designer, but after the birth of her first child in 2007, she decided to focus on her family. Mary began to dabble in quilting, creating a baby quilt for her baby girl. After her son was born in 2009, Mary felt the pull of creativity, inspired by her children and all the bright colors they loved. in 2010 she started Freelancing as a Graphic Designer under the name KrzyMnky Designs. As her children got a little older, Mary found a little more time for herself and decided to revisit quilting. Her first full size quilt was a gift for her husband, and she quickly realized she was over her head. After struggling, she sought help and found Linda Miller, a wealth of knowledge! Linda introduced her to an expanded world of quilting and many amazing quilters. In the years since their meeting, Mary found many ways to incorporate her love for design with her new found love for quilting. She acted as Publicist and Marketing Directer for the 2014 National Quilting Association’s Annual Quilt Show. She also assisted Linda by designing ‘Got IQ 2017, a reference guide & workbook’. More recently, she was in charge of marketing for ‘Quilt Camp at Cedar Lakes’, and is now a Director along side Linda Miller. Together, they continue a long standing tradition of presenting a week long educational retreat in West Virginia. Mary’s passion for quilting has now come full circle, as she recently convinced her mom to make her first quilt.

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