Mary Derry

As the daughter of a talented seamstress, Mary has been sewing for as long as she can remember. It was not until 1981, however, that she took an adult education class and made her first quilt. Her fascination with the history, precision, diversity and beauty of quilts soon became a passion which continues to grow today. In 1984 she gave up a forty year nursing career to turn this passion into her life’s work. Mary opened My Favorite Quilt Shop in Gainesville, Florida which provided a meeting place for quilters of all levels to gather not just supplies, but also for inspiration, instruction, and encouragement. In 2009 Mary completed the study and practice required by the National Quilting Society to receive their certification as a professional quilt judge.

Mary now lives and works in a cottage on a mountain lake in New Hampshire. Her miniature quilts have won awards at several shows, her lecture (We are not the Quilt Police) has been in demand and well received, and her classes in basic to advanced quilting techniques continue to fill and allow her to continue sharing with others the joys of being a quilter. Mary believes that being a teacher has made her a better judge, and that being a judge has made her a better teacher.