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Transfer Paint with Botanical Elements

Tone Haugen-Cogburn

This is a Level 1 Class. It teaches basic use of needed tools, as well as proper thread tension, stitch size, and seam allowance consistency – appropriate for true beginners. For all levels of quilt camper, little prior knowledge of quiltmaking techniques are needed in this class.

Paint papers like you did in kindergarten, and discover how different textures will transfer to fabric using heat. This paint is different from regular fabric paint, and the possibilities are endless. Transfer paints rely on heat to bond with synthetic fibers and can be layered to look like watercolor wash or applied in more defined shapes. Botanical shapes like dried leaves used as resist shapes give surprising and wonderful results. Used on synthetic fabrics like polyester or poly/cotton blends, brilliant colors result. Learn how to mix the paints and play with many color combinations available to you. Incorporate your transfer painted fabrics in a wall quilt or table runner with a non-traditional look. Embellish with hand or machine quilting. You will leave with many sample pieces to be used in future projects using this fascinating technique of transferring paint to fabric.

KIT: $30.00
A kit consisting of Transfer paint, instructions and everything else you need to create transfers for fabric art.

Transfer Paint  with Botanical Elements
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