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Tilda Plaid Porch

Chrissi Stauffer

This is a Level 2 Class. Students should be aware of and have worked on projects practicing basic use of their sewing machine, iron, and rotary tools, as well as proper thread tension, stitch size, and seam allowance consistency.

Do you love to play with fabric? This quilt is simple to assemble but it is a great quilt to showcase your favorite colors and prints! It is a Tilda pattern for free download on, in the free patterns section.
We love our Tilda Fabric, but your favorite prints would work well for this cute “Plaid” themed quilt.
There are only 2-piece sizes in this quilt. So Simple yet so pretty! In this class you will learn:
~ The importance of cutting accurately.
~ Helpful hints with the piecing of this quilt.
~ The art of pressing for great nesting.
~ The beauty of sequencing.
~ Organizing your fabric choices and keeping them straight.
There are 12 prints and 5 basics in this pattern
You basically want 2 of your favorite colorways.
We used pinks and blues, but use your favorites!

Kits are available for this class for all required fabrics for $105. Please see Supply List for details.

Tilda Plaid Porch
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