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Jelly Weave

Mary Ann Webb

This is a Level 2 Class. Students should be aware of and have worked on projects practicing basic use of their sewing machine, iron, and rotary tools, as well as proper thread tension, stitch size, and seam allowance consistency.

This is a fun and easy quilt that will allow you to use up some of those jelly rolls that have been accumulating in your stash. The samples in my pictures both have white as the background, but this quilt could be gorgeous/dramatic with a darker background, such as dark navy, black, or even gray. If you like to leave class with a finished or almost finished top, I recommend that you make the throw size, although you are sure to get pretty far along in the process making any size.

The blocks of this quilt are set on point. The pattern has you then trim the edges to make it square. If you are interested in not cutting off the blocks around the edges, I will be glad to help you insert side-setting triangles and corner triangles. For the lap size quilt you will need an extra 1 5/8 yards of background fabric. If you are interested in doing this for a larger size, please contact me prior to class and I will calculate how much more you will need.

Jelly Weave
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