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Brilliant Ice Dying

Tone Haugen-Cogburn

All Levels

Tons of fun and lots of surprises will be at the core of this class. This two-day class will take you a step or two further than the regular random ice-dyeing. Pleating and pressing cotton fabrics before dyeing them will give amazing results. You can dye cotton fabrics for your next quilting project or home dec. We will use Procion MX fiber reactive dyes meant for dyeing cotton. These are colorfast and permanent after washing, so your fabrics can be used in any quilting project. Ice and powder dyes will surprise you every time, but you will love the results. This is a no-sew class and all the time will be spent on dyeing beautiful fabrics. You will be on your feet a lot in this class so wear comfy shoes and wear something that can get stained.

Brilliant Ice Dying
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