Quilt Camp 2021
Class List

We offer many classes in quilt techniques and projects, and registration determines which classes run!  So sign up early and choose your three favorites!  Remember, you have four days to fill, so you can pick 2 classes that are each 2 days long, or you can choose one 4 day class.  Use the class number to help you! Classes are numbered by how they fall into the week's schedule: 100 Series are classes taught Monday and Tuesday, 200 Series are on Wednesday and Thursday, and the 400 Series are the 4 day classes.


PLEASE NOTE the class rating below the description. This refers not to the student's abilities, but to the project's difficulty or complexity!  Studios welcome all levels of projects.  We offer a wide variety of classes in all aspects of Quilt Making, from modern to traditional!  

All of the information is here at your fingertips!  For more on our teachers, see their gallery page and click on the links for more information on each of them.   Registration opens in May, and continues until September 1st.  Confirmation letters are emailed in July and again in August/September if needed.  No class changes are made after September 1st!

100 Series
Two-Day Classes - Monday & Tuesday

You've marveled at the large photographs that are created using small photographs...you know, the pixelated ones. Now, through the magic of software, take a beautiful photograph and create a pattern to make your very own picture quilt wall hanging using squares of fabric. To get you off to a fast start, Karen has selected, scanned and processed a wonderful photo.  This will allow you maximum time in class to focus on color placement in a “color-by-number" process after laying out your foundation.  At the end of class, you will have begun a beautiful wall hanging and learned an exciting art quilt technique.

Fabric Kit Required: $85.00


This class is rated 'Intermediate Piecing Techniques'

Some of you saw this at the last Quilt Camp and asked me to teach it this year. For those who didn’t see the sample, the pictures may make you think this will be way too complicated.  But I assure you this project will have you wondering why you have never before made a miniature quilt.  No paper piecing, no tiny seam allowances, no stress, just fun!  So much fun that I will probably have to throw you out of the classroom for lunch.  Yes.  It IS that much fun.   Make it traditional, make it modern, or make it anything in between and see how proud you will be to hold up your miniature at Show and Tell.

Additional cost: $19.65 for book


This class is rated 'Beginner Machine Piecing'

Posh Petals is a pattern from Sew Kind of Wonderful using the Quick Curve Ruler. Learn how to cut curved shapes the easy way. Then be inspired to LOVE those curves using a no-pin method of sewing. Posh Petals is the perfect pattern for using up scraps or showing off your special fabrics.You will need the pattern ($12) and a Quick Curve Ruler ($25).

This class is rated 'Beginner Machine Piecing'

Posh Petals.jpg

Who doesn't love baskets and "hexies"? They're both showcased beautifully in this little project. Use it as a table topper or candle mat. I used country colors but it would be very festive with holiday or seasonally themed fabrics. The baskets are appliqued using both a prepared edge and needleturn methods. The hexagons are pieced with the traditional English paper piecing method and you'll learn a a new stitch that is virtually invisible on the front of your work. It's the perfect project to carry to your favorite bee!  Finished Project Size: 16" diameter.

Cost: pattern & hexagon templates (required) $5.00, includes original pattern by Kelly Kout & 19 2.25" hexagon templates.
Fabric kit (optional) $7.00, includes pre-washed fabric for baskets, hexagons, border and binding.


This class is rated 'Beginner Hand Applique'

Come and sew and enjoy the process as you work on and finish any projects you want, or start a new one with the assistance of an experienced teacher to help you along!  This session is two days long, Monday & Tuesday.  Supplies: your project(s) and any hand, machine, patterns and other required tools.  No additional pattern fee.

This class is rated 'All Levels and All Techniques'


This intriguing optical illusion quilt looks like it has curves but they are created by clever positioning of just three simple blocks. Strip piecing allows you to assemble this quilt quickly and accurately.

This class is rated 'Beginner Machine Piecing'

This class is rated 'Beginner Free Motion Machine Quilting'


This class is rated 'Beginner Machine Piecing'

Triangles Option.jpg
Quilt - Playing with Triangles 2021 - Ma
200 Series
Two-Day Classes - Wednesday & Thursday

A brand-new quilt from the master of ‘getting it done’, Karen Benke. This year’s version is another stunning example of what one can accomplish in one focused, fun class. So, whether you’ve said it out loud meaning you need a big gift very quickly, or you simply crave a couple of days at your machine with something to show for it at the end, you’ll love this fast and easy approach to making a great quilt top. And … you will actually make your top in class! Everything in the fabric kit is pre-cut and ready to sew, so you can get right to it, learning the easiest construction methods for the dozen sampler blocks. You’ll learn to correctly add your borders and leave with enough fabric to bind your quilt after the quilting is complete. A most satisfying, gratifying class. Your finished top measures 58 x 72 inches.

Fabric Kit Required: $85.00

thumbnail (1).jpg

This class is rated 'Beginner Machine Piecing'

There are many ways to make Dresden Plates and there are many ways to create miniatures but in Mary's opinion this technique uses the easiest and most accurate way of doing both.  These tiny Dresden Plates are machine pieced and will have precise points and petals every time.  The pattern shows a large piece made with reproduction fabric and the sample is a small wall-hanging using pastels.  The choice is yours.  Directions include both machine applique and hand applique.  Again it is your choice, but fair warning: these little guys are so cute and so much fun to make that you will find them addicting!

Additional Costs: (pattern and template) $22

This class is rated 'Beginner Hand/Machine Applique and Machine Piecing'


Posh Penelope is a fun quilt that combines gradual curves with on point sashing and cornerstones. The pattern is great for a controlled or completely scrappy quilt. The perfect mix of modern and traditional elements that create a quilt that is timeless. This is a “stash pattern” and requires the Quick Curve Ruler by Sew Kind of Wonderful..  Pictured here are both a wallhanging and the full size quilt, finishing as 69”x80”.

Additional Costs: You will need the pattern ($12) and a Quick Curve Ruler ($25).

This class is rated 'Beginner Machine Piecing'

Posh Penelope Phone pic.jpg
New Posh Penelope.jpg

Stretch yourself and develop your hand skills in this hand applique class using multiple techniques to create a wreath and a handsome cardinal, the state bird of WV and OH.  Block can be finished at 15” as shown or larger if you add a border. Perfect for a quilt center, mini-wall hanging or framed fabric art picture as shown. Kelly has the experience and patience to help you achieve and enjoy the process!

Additional Cost: $15.00 includes P3 Designs pattern and kit.

This class is rated 'Intermediate Hand Applique'

When Cardinals Appear.jpg

Come and sew and enjoy the process as you work on and finish any projects you want, or start a new one with the assistance of an experienced teacher to help you along!  This session is two days long, Wednesday & Thursday.  Supplies: your project(s) and any hand, machine, patterns and other required tools.  No additional pattern fee.

This class is rated 'All Levels and All Techniques'


This mesmerizing wall hanging is constructed of just two different paper piecing sections. This project has simple cutting instructions and easy assembly of the blocks to make this beautiful quilt. Choose your favorite colors and make a spectacular piece of art.


Project size: 38” x 38” or 86” x 86”


Pattern Cost: $30.00 or $60.00

This class is rated 'Intermediate Machine Paper- Piecing'

So you're done piecing your quilt top and now it's time to get it quilted. You're staring at this pretty top for a long time and you're absolutely stumped on how to quilt it. This home machine quilting class will help you figure out how to get it done. You'll learn various free motion edge-to-edge designs along with more shape specific designs. Some easier feathering options will be included. Even bring a top and we'll come up with quilting designs for your special piece. Part IV is an introduction to creating those beautiful feather designs! There are various ways to stitch these designs, so you may find that one method is more comfortable to stitch than another. Your creativity will be flowing in no time with many tips and tricks that are covered to help you have fun and “Let’s Get It Quilted"!

This class is rated 'Intermediate Free Motion Machine Quilting'

Hidden Wells #1.JPG

We’re uncovering the Secrets of the Hidden Wells. Sounds like a Nancy Drew Mystery, doesn’t it? Unlike the twists and turns in her books, this class uses simple, straight strip piecing with a few strategic cuts to unveil lots of intersecting diamonds. What’s your favorite style? Hidden Wells varieties can look like stained glass, or a string quilt, or a piece of modern art. Bring your favorite fabrics – Jelly Rolls will work too. The final result can be a quilt of any size you choose, from wall hanging to king. Like any good mystery, there will be surprises and choices to make along the way. No pre-cutting required. Bring a large square ruler and lots of pretty fabrics.


Class Fee is $7 for pattern.

Hidden Wells #8.jpg

This class is rated 'Beginner Machine Piecing'

Below are some examples of the Stained Glass Effect you can achieve in Hidden Wells ~

Hidden Wells #3.JPG
Hidden Wells #4.JPG
Hidden Wells #2.JPG
400 Series
Four-Day Classes - Monday - Thursday

Come and sew and enjoy the process as you work on and finish any projects you want, or start a new one with the assistance of an experienced teacher to help you along!  This session is four days long, Monday through Thursday.  Supplies: your project(s) and any hand, machine, patterns and other required tools.  No additional pattern fee.

This class is rated 'All Levels and All Techniques'


If you have ever wanted to use fabric paints, but have been a little afraid to get started, then you will love getting to experiment with this fascinating, yet simple medium. There are many different fabric paints on the market, and whether you have tried some or not, this class will show you all the fun you can have, as you will be creating your own unique colors and textures on cotton fabrics. Fabric paint is different from dyes as it is applied on top of the fabric, but good quality paint is still soft and very durable, yet is does not require a dye bath. We will cover 4 very different techniques, using metallic paint, salt, rubbings, and landscape style painting, resulting in several yards of beautiful fabric for you to use in future projects. This is not aimed at being a project class, but we might just have to have a small sewing project by the end of the week. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes that can get dirty (from the paints) as you will do some standing. Tone will supply the paints and other materials you will need outside of the supply list.

Additional Cost : Material fee of $50

This class is rated 'No experience, but a willingness to learn'

Painted Fabric 2.jpg
Painted Fabric 1.jpg
Painted Fabric 3.jpg
Painted Fabric 4.jpg

The quilt in this picture was pieced using only two fabrics, the white and a very colorful rainbow gradation fabric or a variety of different colored fabrics can be used. This quilt has also been pieced in a Christmas print and it was equally as pretty. The construction of this quilt is done using only three blocks. The snails trail block, the diamond block and a small square in a square block.


Finished project 62” x 62”

Pattern and 2 Rulers required for class (total retail $54.37)

This class is rated 'Beginner Machine Piecing'

Learn the Magic of Stacking and Whacking as you create this beautiful Christmas Tree Skirt. You'll also use some of the blocks to create a table runner. And best of all... there are no Y seams in these projects! You'll be amazed how well it all comes together, and just in time for the Holiday season! If you prefer not to do a Christmas theme, no problem. This pattern can easily be a tabletopper rather than a tree skirt!

Book Required: $19.99 retail

Kit Fee Required: $5.00

Stack and Whack Treeskirt.jpg

This class is rated 'Intermediate Machine Piecing'