Fall Quilt Camp
Class List

We offer many classes in quilt techniques and projects, and registration determines which classes run!  So sign up early and choose your three favorites!  Remember, you have four days to fill, so you can pick 2 classes that are each 2 days long, or you can choose one 4 day class.  Use the class number to help you! Classes are numbered by how they fall into the week's schedule: 100 Series are classes taught Monday and Tuesday, 200 Series are on Wednesday and Thursday, and the 400 Series are the 4 day classes.


PLEASE NOTE - After each class name, the class difficulty level is identified -- Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. This refers not to the student's abilities, but to the project's difficulty or complexity!  Studios welcome all levels of projects.  Most classes feature machine work. Those that are hand-oriented are labeled as Hand.

Check out the Instructor's background information, details on the class, supply lists, and more pictures by clicking on the image shown here for each class.  Registration opens soon, and continues until September 1st.  Confirmation letters are emailed in July and again in August if needed.  No class changes are made after September 1st!

100 Series
Two-Day Classes - Monday & Tuesday
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200 Series
Two-Day Classes - Wednesday & Thursday
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400 Series
Four-Day Classes - Monday - Thursday
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