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407 Grandmother's Fan

Mary Lou Wright

Monday - Thursday


Machine Piecing 


This is an original easy quick- pieced method.


This quilt is STRESS FREE. No intersections, no appliqué,  and no sashings to worry about with Mary Lou’s  favorite Vintage patchwork quilt. It’s easy for a new beginner and fun for seasoned quilters who are pressed for time to make a quilt for each family member.  Quilters will learn to use Mary Lou’s method to make and assemble the sections of the fan more quickly.  If you have never stitched a curved piece before, a demo of the large outer piece shows it’s a piece of cake to sew. Everyone will get into the act in trying a variety of block layouts. Leave worries and stress behind to enjoy working with friends old and new to finish quilt tops.  Remember Finished is better than Perfect!

Mary Lou Wright

AT 5, Mary Lou attended her grandmother’s “quilting” with friends in a little country town. The Quilting Bee included women who quilted each others quilts by hand around a big frame and always brought a covered dish to share every Wednesday until recently.  At 8, her grandmother made her a doll quilt and that began her love of Quilts. Grandmother always had a quilt on the frame as that was her livelyhood.  Lifting up the sheet to see the colorful patches was fun, probably since she wasn’t allowed to touch.
Mary Lou was graduated from OSU in Home Economics Education.  After teaching for 8 years, she retired to raise her daughters and open a bridal gown sewing business. Since the USA Bicentennial brought interest in hand crafts, Mary Lou found teaching Quilting more enjoyable.  She took classes from famous quilters all over the country.  Then she taught in several quilt shops In the area plus guilds, adult ed, as well as FL, NM and now at Quilt Camp for 25+ years.  Quilting keeps the creative ideas flowing and being in a FL guild in winter for weekly Sit N Sew is fun for exchanging ideas and challenges. Most fun is teaching daughters and grandchildren to make quilts. It’s challenging to keep interest, so fast, fun and easy is key.  Mary Lou stores ancestors and her quilts on chairs, beds, over sofas and ladders for eye candy display.  A current project is a quilt depicting the family farm being in her family
for 200 years.


Mary Lou Wright
13415 Harper Rd.
Strongsville, OH  44149

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