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114 Playing with Seminole

Kris Pelletier

Monday & Tuesday

Confident Beginner  

Machine : Piecing

Those beautiful Native American rugs never seem to go out of style.  The designs created by the Seminole Indians, historically used for both their rugs and clothing are a perfect complement to today’s modern fabrics with their rich colors and amazing patterns.  Spend two creative days constructing Seminole design strips – there are dozens to choose from.  When your designs are complete, simple strip piecing will pull your quilt top together in no time.

Seminole strips can be built in many variations, from simple to complex, from “piano key” and simple squares to zigzags and diamonds of all shapes and sizes.  Bring loads of scrap fabrics to class, you only need a few inches of each fabric to complete a Seminole strip.

The class objective is to create a “rug” in a wall-hanging size.  Alternately, students are welcome to construct Seminole strips to adorn clothing or bags, or to create lap or baby size quilts.  Come play with us!


Please purchase the book “Simply Seminole” by Dorothy Hanisko.  The book is out of publication, but there are many copies available on the used book market priced between $13-$16.  (Try ThriftBooks, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.)  Kris will collect a fee of $2-3 for her class handout.  She will have 2 additional Seminole pattern books available for use during class time.

Kris Pelletier

Kris made her first quilt about 30 years ago and fell in love with rotary cutting tools and techniques when they were in their infancy.  She has been teaching classes in her home studio for the past 25 years.  In 1993 Kris traveled to California to earn her “Quilt in a Day Teachers Certification” from Eleanor Burns.  In 1994, Kris began attending quilt seminars at Cedar Lakes as a student and 5 years later began teaching at Quilt Camp.

Kris enjoys teaching and exploring ever changing methodologies for a large variety of quilting techniques from machine piecing, machine and hand applique, hand quilting and crazy quilt embellishing.  She has recently published some of the quilt patterns she has developed over the years.  Modern art quilting is rapidly becoming her new passion.

Kris enjoys hosting charity quilt seminars to create quilts for her local children’s hospital.  Her other great joy is creating 6 foot by 10 foot banners to flank the rugged wooden cross at the front of her church.

Kris and her husband Bob retired to Cape Cod in 2014 and would like to extend an invitation to anyone who’s visiting or vacationing at “the Cape” to stop by and enjoy some time at her lakefront quilt workshop.  In the near future, she plans to offer small-group quilt retreats at her new “Sandy Pond Studio”


Kris Pelletier

295 Buck Island Road

West Yarmouth, MA 02673

860- 614-1734